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Evidence-Based Educational Interventions

This paper provides an overview of evidence-based educational interventions (EBEIs) and associated practices in school psychology. The profession has, for some time, embraced scientific principles and procedures across areas of professional practice, including diagnosis and classification, assessment, prevention and intervention, consultation, and research and program evaluation. More recently, the profession has embraced evidence-based prevention and […]

New Teachers As Vital Members Of The Teaching Workforce

The demand for new teachers has been climbing steadily since the 1990s and is expected to continue in the foreseeable future given the increases in teacher retirement and student enrollment, lower pupil/teacher ratios, and rising teacher attrition rates. New teachers enter the profession with varying degrees of preparation, ranging from extensive coursework and classroom experience […]

New Teachers Commend Principals Who Are Instructional Leaders

New teachers commend principals who are instructional leaders, and those who encourage them to participate in professional development opportunities and get involved in the school community. Since new teachers often feel overwhelmed, they are not always sure what opportunities are available to them, how to allocate their time, or how they will be perceived if […]

Targeted Recruitment Efforts And Specific Hiring Strategies For New Teachers

Shortages of teachers are often most acute in certain fields, particularly bilingual/English as a Second Language, special education, mathematics, Spanish, and the physical sciences. Sometimes students are taught by a revolving door of substitutes. Other times students from the affected class are added temporarily or permanently to different classes, thereby increasing class size. When substitutes […]

Instructional Strategies For Science Teaching

The overall goal of this paper is threefold: (a) to broaden science knowledge and conceptions; (b) to reinforce the power to use a scientific inquiry; (c) to integrate new programs with the core curriculum. New measures are designed to function a field-based, staff-centered, professional delivery system that meets the support needs required by schools to […]

The Effectiveness Of Academic Standards

This paper presents highlights from a synthesis of research findings associated with schoolwide projects. The synthesis focuses on three aspects: (a) characteristics of faculties and districts with a comprehensive education; (b) programmatic and organizational components of educational achievement and (c) evidence of the effectiveness of organizing operations, particularly in terms of student performance. Additionally, several […]

Implementation Of School Reform Models

In light of the country’s rapidly changing demographics – which continue to reshape public education dramatically – such measures will help educators respond to the changing needs of their students and their communities. Continuity must be addressed when leadership changes. When administrators leave, district-initiated endeavors come to a halt in anticipation of new leadership taking […]

Doing A Good Job In Preparing Students For College

To improve school quality and raise performance, educational leaders at the district, state, and federal level are faced with the challenge to: • Address Socioeconomic Disparity. Thirty percent of the children in urban areas are poor compared to 18% for the nation as a whole. Urban schools are twice as likely to enroll minority and […]