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The Many Benefits of Learning Mandarin for Kids

Parents invest in sending their kids to attend Mandarin class because many believe that it is an important language of trade that will benefit their children’s career opportunities in the future. Economist Albert Saiz finds that native English speaker graduates who speak a second language, on average, earn 2 per cent more than those who […]

Comprehending the King James Bible (Part 1): Thou and Ye

The King James Bible (1611) is among the most influential books in the world. Many words are archaic and have not been in use since the work’s first printing. Although many English-speaking readers and English Language School (ELS) students run into problems understanding words and their meanings, the KJV is still read today by a […]

Importance of Online Islamic Classes For Female Kids And Adults

As online Quran learning is a rising trend, a number of online Islamic academies are offering different facilities to all who eager to learn Quran. It is such a different experience as compared to the traditional classroom environment. A learner has the complete freedom to schedule the classes as per the convenience without moving anywhere. […]

Scientific Strength of Writing Systems – The Aspects

Nowadays, most scientific papers are published in English. English has effectively become the language of science. Historically, Latin, French and German were the leaders. The commonality among them is that they are all spelled in Latin alphabet. Thus, written system, instead of spoken language, might actually be of significance. Usually, their widespread use in science […]

Scientific Strength of Writing Systems – Observation On Major Scripts

There are hundreds of scripts and thousands of written languages in the world. Some of them vary greatly in visual feature and legibility. All the writing systems play a vital role for the people to learn, communicate, and to create. Unfortunately, most people haven’t realized the legibility of a writing system correlate with the its […]

Poetry in Celluloid As Authentic Materials for Contemporary Skills Integration

Language instructions require receptive skills for the emergence of productive skills where the former comprise listening and reading and the latter consist speaking and writing not to mention the relevant presence of viewing skills depending on how instructions are processed in classrooms. Among these four abilities exists the core of learning which is grammar. In […]