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Implementation Of School Reform Models

In light of the country’s rapidly changing demographics – which continue to reshape public education dramatically – such measures will help educators respond to the changing needs of their students and their communities. Continuity must be addressed when leadership changes. When administrators leave, district-initiated endeavors come to a halt in anticipation of new leadership taking […]

Doing A Good Job In Preparing Students For College

To improve school quality and raise performance, educational leaders at the district, state, and federal level are faced with the challenge to: • Address Socioeconomic Disparity. Thirty percent of the children in urban areas are poor compared to 18% for the nation as a whole. Urban schools are twice as likely to enroll minority and […]

Collaborative Relationships Between Schools And Their Communities

At the core of American democracy is the notion that the problems of communities cannot be left to policymakers and other leaders alone. Citizens must participate, either directly or through the election of those who represent their beliefs. Democracy is more than just a belief in the importance of basic human rights such as equality, […]

Teaching Strategies That Have Been Proven Successful

With school districts’ increased dedication to raising academic standards and abolishing social promotion, tremendous pressure has been placed on teachers and students to raise standardized test scores. While this may appear admirable from afar, its practical and real-life implications are not often as glowing. In fact, the push toward higher standards often leads to tracking, […]

Summary of Grade Retention Effects

There is an abundance of research and scholarly analysis examining the efficacy of grade retention. Research published between 1950 and 2019 produced mixed results regarding the efficacy of early grade retention on ameliorating children’s socioemotional and achievement needs. Concerns regarding the quality of many studies of grade retention have been presented in several reviews and […]

Better Academic Outcomes In Small Schools

Small schools have great variety. We learned that we don’t need standardized schools — that kills the soul! In Chicago we saw fabulous small schools that were Afro-centric, schools that focused on phonics, fabulous small schools about whole language, small schools that are using the city as a place to investigate. Why? Because they were […]

Americans Say Education Plays A Major Role In Their Voting Choices

No matter which candidate is elected president Nov. 3rd 2020, college students have definite ideas about what areas the new administration should focus on early in its term. Seventy-percent of the respondents to a recent survey of college students rated the economy the highest when asked how much focus the new president should place on […]

High School Grades Are An Important Measure Of The Achievement Of Students

High school grades are an important and widely used measure of the achievement of students in secondary education. As such, they are important to the admissions decisions of selective admissions colleges. They are also important to financial aid decisions in those institutions that practice preferential aid packaging – those colleges that offer more grant aid […]

Overcoming Adversities For Children And Youth At Risk Of Educational Failure

The primary goal of the present study is to examine the impact of the changing macroecological characteristics of cities on school performance, and to draw from the research base and from innovative developments on what can be done to make a significant difference in reducing the achievement gap among urban students from minority backgrounds. Greater […]