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Learn to Improve Quality in Organizations With Six Sigma Green Belt Training

Projects are today one of essential aspects of organizations across industry verticals. Successful management of projects is important for businesses to realize their true potential in the market. That’s why companies need individuals with right skills to ensure value to projects of different nature and complexities. They want to hire experts to bring an effective […]

Learning Requires Adaptability and Change. Are Your Students Prepared?

When students begin your class, do you inherently expect they will read the Course Syllabus and related materials, then comply as required, without any hesitation? Or could it be possible students will arrive in your class, on the first day, and find you have created a learning environment which is slightly different in some manner? […]

6 Critical Best Practices for Online Teaching: Be Prepared

We live in an unprecedented time with higher education being disrupted, as traditional classes are being moved online, at least for the time being. Whether or not this will continue for any length of time remains to be seen. This has occurred at an interesting time for the field of distance learning as many of […]

Four Strategies Every Online Educator Needs for a Work-Life Balance

Online educators have been implementing the work-at-home model long before there was the 2020 crisis. Some referred to it as “teaching in your pajamas” – because of the nature of the job, which often meant for many, working a full-time position during the day while teaching as an adjunct during the evening hours. Those who […]

Five Strategies That Will Inspire Your Students to Learn in a Virtual Classroom

The shift to virtual learning which occurred in 2020 may have changed higher education in a profound manner, even after the crisis that caused the transition to occur is finally resolved. Students who have never taken an online class now realize they can learn in this manner. Yet many educators who never taught in this […]

10 Reading To Children Tips You Need To Learn Now

We are all aware that today, most children are so much more interested in watching television for hours, playing video games throughout the night, and gossiping on the Internet than they are in reading. According to recent figures from the U.S. Department of Education, children are spending an average of four to six hours daily […]

Maintain Excellence in Online Teaching While Addressing Learner Challenges

Welcome to the new normal, teaching adult students from a laptop or computer. Or at least this is what many instructors are beginning to experience. Yet there is a segment of higher education with those, like myself, who have already been providing transformative education via virtual classrooms for quite a long time. Not only are […]

Read the Best Elemental School Book by Qedem J Nesher for Your Child

Qedem J. Nesher is the author of the book Elemental School. Elemental School is a story before our earth was made, even the entire universe. So it must be a different universe and ‘Elemental School’ is additionally in the spot we’ve never experienced. So you can figure out how to include in this school from […]

Learn How to Become Visible and Accessible in a Virtual Classroom

Do you feel adequately prepared to teach as an online instructor? Are you easily accessible and available for your learners? Do learners perceive you as being visible and uniquely identifiable as their instructor? One of the challenges higher education has faced recently is providing quality education via a virtual classroom environment, especially for classes not […]

How Parents Can Organize the Day During Remote Learning at Home

Because we are in the middle of a pandemic, parents will have to take on more of the responsibility to ensure that their children get a quality education. Many schools will be operating on a remote learning program to some degree, but for such a program to be successful, parents need to organize their homes […]